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The Association of Black Music Promoters (ABMP) is a new not for profit association bringing together black entertainment promoters from across the globe. Our aim is to represent, empower and provide a vital support network to promoters, whom for many years feel they have been marginalised overlooked and treated unfairly by the establishment and the entertainment corporate cartel of Record Labels, Talent Agencies, Major promoters and Venues.

Many of us for years have been instrumental in the growth of Black music, from the humble beginnings of fighting to get venue operators to hire their buildings to us to put on events, to the point of seeing black entertainment events produced by non black organisations rising to the pinnacle of mainstream culture and selling out arenas festivals and stadiums, yet receiving little or no reward to show for the struggle and pain of our original efforts.

In the light of what’s going on with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and the current corona pandemic, now more than ever is the time to unite organise and campaign, this is our legacy. No more glass ceilings

If your a Black entertainment promoter, of music/comedy/nightlife/arts and would like to know more or you’d like to join then please go to the promoter profile page and fill it in. We are not here to put them out of business, we are here to put justice in business,”